Hiring Avon helpers to build your business: The what, who, how and why!

As Avon reps we are always looking for ways to build our business. Finding new customers, recruiting team members and learning our way around social media to build online sales! What if I told you a great way to build your sales is by “hiring” help? Not kidding! In the 2 years I’ve been selling Avon at President Club level I have talked to many people about the Avon opportunity and many just don’t want the hassle of the paperwork and ordering and blah blah blah. However, when I put my “Avon Helper” program together I started getting interest. They love the idea of working for free stuff!!! It works out for both of us and I’ll tell you how I run my program and then you can put together your own plan!

What do my helpers do:
*Collect orders
*Collect payment
*Distribute the orders
What do I do:
*Provide books and order forms
*Collect orders and payments from helper
*Place the orders through Avon
*Sort and package the orders and deliver to the Helper
*Take care of all product returns
*Responsible for the tax paperwork
*Order supplies and samples

What do my helpers get:
Keep in mind I sell at President’s level so I have a guaranteed 40% earnings on most of what we sell through Avon.
You may need to adjust what you give your helpers with your own earnings

*20% of their total product sales
in FREE Avon!
(before taxes & processing fee)
*20% off any purchases more than their earnings
*samples and gifts through out the year

What do I get:
*More sales!
*More contacts!
*Less deliveries
*More time to build my business

Are you ready to hire helpers? To start getting more sales and reaching more people? You just need to put your plan together and then start by reaching out to friends and family. Make a quarter or half sheet size flyer that you can glue to books as you pass them out. Have your plan in writing so people know what to expect. What they have to do and what they will earn. You never know! Some of your best helpers might decide to join your team when their sales grow and they start thinking they’d like to earn a little cash!

You can also adjust your incentive plan for helpers to work for parties also! In home or online! The key is to share, share, share!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to let me know how your plan works out! I would love to see more ideas for Helper Incentives!

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