Using Tailwind to grow your Avon Business

or other Direct Sales business……..

*Affiliate disclosure. When you click on links in this blog, I may receive a portion of any sales or traffic at no extra cost to you.  This helps me to maintain the website and continue to share with you from my little back road corner of the world* 

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is an automatic scheduler for Pinterest.

Why Tailwind?

With Tailwind you can make your pins clickable.  Shoppers can find what they’re looking for by clicking on the graphic that you pin and go straight to your Blog, Estore, Join Page or other web page you choose.

What do you get with Tailwind?

Unlimited pins to unlimited boards.

Ability to shuffle your pins so the same ones aren’t pinning on top of each other.

Track the traffic on your pins, see how different ones are doing and be able to change them up when you know what people are looking for.

How much is Tailwind?

You can get a FREE MONTH here!

It’s $119/year

For less than the cost of your daily coffee….you can reach thousands of potential shoppers and new team members!  

A few tips for building your Pinterest traffic and getting the most out of Tailwind to grow your business:

*Pin 8-10 graphics/day pinned to 3-5 boards each.  

*Schedule 30-50 pins/day

*Create your own graphics in Canva or something similar to help grow your team!

*Link to both your Estore and your Join Page

*If you don’t have your own personal blog page, be sure to use your Avon Blog page and link to that so people can see what you’re excited about in Avon.

*This isn’t just for Avon reps! All Direct Sales Consultants can utilize Tailwind to grow their business and show off their company’s great products and opportunity!

Thanks so much for dropping by! I would love to hear if Tailwind and Pinterest have helped you grow your business!

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