Wondering where I ran off to?

     What happens when someone tries to do too much? Be too many things for too many people? Wellllllllll, let me tell you, I experienced what the world most commonly calls a “nervous breakdown”.  I was pushing myself too hard, working 2 part-time jobs, running my business, raising 2 kids (my husband works evenings) and trying really hard to still be a good mom and decent wife.  Somewhere among all of that, I was trying to keep the house in decent shape too.  I juggled and juggled and juggled, I dropped balls, I picked them back up, I just kept pushing.  Then one day, something must have snapped and I didn’t even realize it.  I lost touch with reality, I thought my husband was against me, my kids couldn’t do anything right, in my mind my whole world was a mess and I had to get out.  I started looking for a new place to live, I was going to leave my marriage of 23 years and start over.  I was out looking for a job, cause I was smart enough to know I couldn’t run this business without my husband and all his free tech skills.  I still knew I had to support my kids.  My family saw this happening over the course of a few weeks, a few close friends saw a little of it, but they didn’t know the whole story, I really made things sound like my husband was this horrible person.  My perspective was distorted from all the stress I was under.  My mind had overloaded and the best thing I could think to do was RUN!  It never crossed my mind to slow down, to take a few days off, to breathe a little, to tell people I couldn’t get their orders done.  NOPE! I still wanted to be Super Bunny!  My mind snapped and I am so very thankful that my family saw it coming, that my husband saw what was happening, he dug his nails in and for a few days we argued, I was leaving, my mind was made up!  He barely left my side for 3 days and talked me down, really worked hard to help me see the reality of my life.  He got me to a therapist, they talked about putting me in-patient, yeah, that’s how bad it was.

This ‘ol girl can stand before you all now and say, I did too much! I tried too hard! And I failed!

However! I am NOT a failure 🙂  I survived and I’m learning how to juggle better and put down some balls or let someone else help me out and stop trying to do it all myself.  I am woman, hear me roar!  These days, with the help of my husband, my children and my wonderful therapist; I am learning to say no, I’m learning to once again be thankful for the great things in my life and for once I am working on enjoying life and not working so much.  I may love what I do, but that doesn’t mean I need to do it 18 hours a day!  There’s a lot of life to live out there!  Places to go, sights to see and memories to be made! 

     So, orders may take a day longer or I may not answer a message right away, but know that each of you is important to me, but I have learned to put it all in order and do what I can with the hours we all have.  

    I can’t thank my loyal customers and friends….and family….enough.  Without all of you, I wouldn’t get to have this cool life!  Working in your yoga pants, yeah, it rocks most days!

   I’m down to 1 part time job and my business is staying steady, I have been taking breaks daily to do things with my family and working towards time with friends again. 

   Little word of advice, if you’re trying to do too much, you really will accomplish more when your body and mind get rest.  It’s been an amazing discovery for me! And with my new found energy and zest for life, I hope to post more videos of all the amazing new Avon products and fashion coming out.  As well as get my drawings going again.  

You can read more of my story at Beautiful & Unbreakable


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