About the Spunky Bunny

Wife - Mom - Small Business Owner - Blogger - Squirrel Chaser

Welcome to our little dirt road corner of the world!  My mission in life and with this blog is to make more people smile! Someone once told me I had a Super Power! Which is bringing a little joy to the world and motivating people!  So, why not try to reach the far corners of the world spreading smiles and fun!
     You’ll find posts here ranging from the funny and crazy when I jump around for days, like I’m chasing squirrels to serious when I talk about living with severe anxiety and raising my amazing son.  He’s a brilliant guy that happens to be on the spectrum and is learning daily to copy and adapt to our crazy world.  I’ll be posting often about my hair bow passion! How-to’s and sharing other great bow maker posts!  My actual income maker, my Etsy shop, with custom shirts, decals and more!  I will share posts about Avon.  After 2 years of being the local “Avon Lady” and building a wonderful clientele of over 200 customers and growing, I hope to inspire and share what has helped me grow my Avon business with new and on the fence reps! Lots of what I use in my Avon business can be applied to many other Direct Sales Businesses also! As women, as small business owners, as mothers and wives, we should be supporting each other not competing against one another!
     I’m looking forward to sharing posts about some of my favorite products from around the world as well as my  keto  lifestyle that has truly given me a new lease on life!
    I can’t thank my husband enough for being the best IT guy a girl could have and pushing me to do something with this website he bought and created for me almost a year ago! His patience with me and then with building this great theme!  Along with my teenage daughter that is helping guide me through the chaos of learning to use so many social media platforms. This really is a family page and I’m glad you’ve stopped to check us out!
    We hope you’ll sign up for our email list, where you’ll receive motivational and inspirational emails as well as page updates and more!  We promise not to spam you…cause let’s face it….I really don’t have time to create that many emails with all the squirrels I chase.  Welcome to our little dirt road corner of the world and we hope you’ll kick up your feet and stay a bit!