What happens when you don’t get enough sleep? You get cranky, tend to overeat, have a hard time focusing and a million other things happen to our bodies and brains when we aren’t getting a good night’s sleep. I am a prime example of someone that runs on too little sleep. Mind always racing. I go 100 mph all day and then I think I’m going to fall into bed and my batteries will recharge automatically. WRONG! Doesn’t usually happen that way! I go a few days on very little sleep most weeks, sometimes at the end of the week I can finally bring myself down enough to relax with the family, unwind and get a good night or 2 of sleep. So that means by mid-week or so I’m only running on a few of all my cylinders. Not what I want when I’m trying to grow a business and keep up with my kids’ schedules on top of life in general!
I’ll tell you up front, right now! I’m not now, nor have I ever been a firm believer in all things natural, oils, blah blah, etc. I believe in trying to live clean as far as food goes and I don’t depend on medications to fix everything. However, this past week I had one of those weeks where I had gone quite some time without a decent night sleep and by Wednesday I was barely running on a single cylinder. Thursday my Avon order came in and while I was sorting out customer orders I noticed Avon had sent me free samples of 3 of their new supplements. Energy (I don’t normally need a boost in that), Calm (I may try this next) and Restful sleep. I wasn’t planning to advertise much the new Espira line as I’m just one of those sales people that figures…if you want…you’ll ask. If you ask me about a product, I’m always happy to help you decide what might work best for you but I’m not gonna try selling something just to make a buck 🙂 Anyways, Thursday evening rolls around and I’m exhausted, my to do list is growing because I haven’t been able to focus all week. As I tuck away my samples after packing orders I see the Restful Sleep box of samples and figure it can’t hurt to try. As the box says “Natural, non-habit-forming supplement contains a proprietary combination of melatonin and botanicals such as hops, chamomile and passion flower to relax your mind, while magnesium promotes muscle relaxation for your
body.” I set a pack out and just before bed I pop a couple with a large glass of water and off to bed I go. Most nights I read and try to relax and slow down all the lists and junk running through my mine. Once I shut the light off that night I noticed my mind didn’t seem to be so active and I didn’t have as much trouble finding that comfortable spot. Before long I was off to neverland and miracle of miracles I woke up 7 hours later a little dazed and confused! I had slept straight through the night! I can’t remember the last time I slept that good! Quite honestly….I am amazed and I will be trying it again soon to see if it works the same way. Thinking that even if I take it 2 or 3 nights a week it may keep me from having those crash days! I accomplished so much that day after and I felt better physically. It really is amazing what a good night’s sleep can do for your body and mind! You can check out more about the whole Espira line here. You can take the quiz to see what supplements might fit your needs and goals. Avon Vitamin Finder Quiz Would you like to try some samples before you purchase? Feel free to contact me by clicking on the contact me link on my Avon page and I will be happy to send you some samples!
Thanks for dropping by and have a BEAUTIFUL Day!

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