Welcome to my blog! A sneak peek inside my life of Custom Vinyl Avon Etsy Hairbows and squirrels. In our house we joke about me and all my squirrels. In general I am a very energetic and happy person! There’s most likely a medical term or 2 or 3 for the way I am, but I am lucky enough to have a family that accepts me and most times find me entertaining and fun. At 40+ years of age I’m finally coming to terms with myself and embracing who I am and the good things I bring to the world! We have to learn to love ourselves so that we can enjoy life and live it to the fullest! I spent years worrying about what people thought of me. Years of bouncing from 1 idea to the next. Now I embrace my squirrels and I enjoy the nuttyiness of life more everyday! I have a teenage daughter that is into barrel racing which keeps me busy as head chauffeur to and from almost daily training as well as lots of weekend and some weeknight racing. My 18 year old son is working on finding his place in our crazy world with our help and guidance as he maneuvers through learning to be a productive and active part of the world despite his Aspergers, sensory sensitivities and severe anxiety. He is making strides towards learning to work in the virtual world as he learns what he can handle of the real world. We are a family that enjoys technology and all that it offers and I’m glad that has given us something we can do together!

I am a wife to a great man that has supported so many of my crazy ideas! He was kind enough to purchase this website for me almost a year ago and has been patient with me while I figured out how to best utilize it! I am one of those people that tries out 100 hats before finding the 1 that fits and then I wear it until it’s in shreds. However, in my lifetime I have tried on soooooo many hats trying to find my comfortable place in the world of earning a living that I had pretty much given up hope of ever finding something I enjoyed again. With the help of my husband and some friends I was able to purchase a vinyl cutter and a heat press. I went on to learn how to use the equipment and am learning every day new things about the graphic design world. We offer custom vinyl decals, both interior wall designs as well as exterior decals for cars/trucks/boats, signs, shirts, cups. You can find us on Facebook at The Spunky Bunny click on photos to see our past work and services we offer. You’ll also see I enjoy sharing motivating, inspirational and fun quotes! Along with some of the crafty stuff I enjoy, hair bows and crochet items…..you’ll see….I have squirrels galore 😉

Another aspect of me is that I’m an Avon Lady! A very proud one at that! I started in February of 2016 and it has been one of the best learning experiences of my life! It has boosted my self esteem, I have made new friends and I’ve made President’s Club 2 years in a row now! I’m in no way earning a living with it YET but as my confidence grows so does my business and my contacts. I am not a “sales woman”, not sure what you would call it, I love to provide services and products that are useful, affordable and above all bring a smile to your face! With Avon I accomplish that and so much more! If you’d like to learn more about how to become an Avon Representative and see if Avon can change your life, like it has mine…come on over to my Avon website for more info on joining my team or just to shop from the ever growing line of amazing products Avon offers these days!

My new passion, that gives me the ability to offer so many of our Spunky Bunny designs and products in one great place is my Etsy shop where you’ll find an ever growing inventory of shirt designs, crochet dish cloths, hair bows, tote bags, interior wall decals, car/truck decals, signs and more! If you don’t see what you’re looking for, be sure to send us a note…we love to do custom designs and bring your ideas to life!

Kind of funny when you start writing these things and you’re trying to tame your squirrels down to the most important so you don’t lose the interest of your readers. I’m realizing just how squirrelly I am these days and learning to embrace all the facets of my life! In my journey of finding financial freedom from the corporate world I stumbled upon a dietary way of life that has lead to a huge amount of weight loss for me and I’m still going. Keto, a super low carb way of eating that for some people can change the way they see food! You can come over to my new Facebook page Lazy Keto Club I share recipes, tips and daily motivation. It literally has saved me from having a major surgery and so far I’ve lost 50+ lbs with 60 or more to go!

What you can expect to see in the future on my blog are motivations to reach your personal goals, videos and tutorials on hair bows and other crafts, reviews and information on Avon products as well as reviews and information on other direct sales company products. Excited to get to know my readers and would love to hear what you enjoy about my blog and what you would like to see in the future!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a BEAUTIFUL DAY!

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