We are still in the first few weeks of the new year and if you’re like me, you’re still thinking of what you’re going to accomplish. Whether it be in your professional life or personal life we all think of things we’d like to achieve.  There are fun goals and resolutions, there are serious goals and then there are these strange, off beat, unique to our own life goals!  Every year I seem to wander around the house and find 1 goal that I’m going to achieve that year.  Last year, it was using up or throwing out my collection of Bath & Body Works lotions!  I will admit it, I am an addict! So I grabbed a basket and collected all the lotions I could find from under the sink, by the bed, in the car and any other nook or cranny I usually have a bottle or tube of lotion. My thinking was, if they were all together in one place and out on the counter by the sink with things like my hair cream and deodorant that I use daily, then I was more apt to use them daily and maybe accomplish this goal!  I let the family know that I was not going back to Bath & Body until all of these lotions were used up!  As I began to use them and empty the bottles and I could see my progress I also realized, I needed to dispose of a few of these, I don’t know how old they were :/ I will admit, it actually took me just over a year to use up all the lotions and it was a long time before we needed more bath gels!  However, when I did get to return to Bath & Body, I was careful to only purchase a couple of items, as I’d now learned about how long it actually takes me to use these things up.  This was the first time I’d really set a goal and put tracking it visually to work!  It was a huge breakthrough for me and learning to track and accomplish my goals!  Since then I have learned to make maps of my goals! To write them down and the steps it will take to get to the end and a list of how I’m going to get there and I can check off the steps as I go!  It is a great tool for motivation!

    Whether your goals be financial, health, business, home or anything!  You can find a way to visually track it and for some people having a daily reminder of your goals where you can see it will help you push to achieve it! Which brings me to my goal this year!  My first full year with my Etsy shop and I noticed when I was packing orders recently all the different states that i ship to.  My goal this year is to ship at least 1 order to all 48 of the continuous U.S. States!  To help me track this goal and make it more fun I found a U.S. map coloring page online which I printed out and have filled in the states I’ve already shipped to by going through my order history.









So tell me your goals! Show me how you’re going to track them! Let’s hold each other accountable for the year!  Are you going to reach new customers? Are you finally going to go to the gym at least once a week? Walk a 5k or 10k? What is it that you want to achieve and how are you going to get there? I would love to hear from you in the comments or come join me on Facebook and feel free to do a visitor post or send us a message!

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