Learning to work social media instead of getting lost in it!
Are you looking for ways to spend more time working your business instead of surfing social media? Have you caught yourself hours after you opened Facebook and realize you should have been working and instead you’ve just learned what 5 friends ate for lunch, 3 friends are mad at their SO and some goofy pics that other friends have shared have made you smile. However, you still haven’t posted anything to your business page or group. I found myself in this vortex on a daily basis. Too many irons in the fire and when I opened up Facebook it was like an escape and before I realized it I’d lost an hour of a day that I should have been working my business and not scrolling through visiting with friends. After taking some social media classes I knew I had to do something to curb this huge time waster in my life! I have 3 pages right now that I manage, 2 of which are just for fun but I do use them on occasion to advertise on, the other being my business page. With all those pages, it’s no wonder I found myself attached to my phone! When I was writing out my goals and plans for this new year, GET OFF YOUR PHONE was at the top of my list! This is where scheduling comes in REALLY handy!!!!! And for those of you that have groups and the aps for scheduling posts to those….same goes!!! You do NOT have to post live all the time!!!! Here are a few tips to help you find more hours in your week to build your business and find more time for things like spending time with your family!

      *Schedule your social media daily usage! Use that time for live posts and shares from other pages.
      *Block out a few hours in one day ONCE A WEEK for post scheduling.
      *Use a checklist or a calendar to help you keep track of ideas and postings
      *Try to always use your computer, laptop or desktop for post scheduling. You’ll get more done in less time!
      *Write down post ideas as they come to you throughout the week, then use that list when you sit down to post.
      *You can still do live posts and share from other pages
      *Figure out a system that works for you!

This weekly planner will accommodate multiple accounts and great for when you sit down to plan out the week of posts.


These monthly planners are great for collecting ideas and planning ahead.  There is a black & white easy on ink version.  I recommend using highlighters or different colored pens when you’re jotting down ideas so you can separate either by times or topics.


Here is the color version if you prefer to use your favorite pen.  You can print on low quality to save on ink.  Use the colors to separate by post times or topics.  These are very versatile to fit many different uses!


Here are some examples of how I use mine.  I prefer the low ink black & white monthly that I print out for each page and I used colored pens for different topics I’d like to promote on each page.  Fun or motivational, personal, business posts, videos, other sources of information such as links to other blogs or websites with information that pertains to each page.  If you choose the colored calendar you can print it on low quality to save some ink and then it’s already color coded for either times or topics, that’s up to you.  Here are a couple of examples of how mine look when I fill them out.  I keep them both on my desk and I jot notes on them through out the day when ideas come to me.  

Weekly social media schedule for multiple accounts
Monthly for 1-2 accounts or pages

I would love to see some of your Facebook pages! Please feel free to leave a link in the comments and I’ll be sure to check them out! Always a good thing to network and support each other, no matter what business we’re in!
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