The hardest part of any journey….is the first step!

     With social media at our fingertips, we now live in a world where we can see into the lives of millions of people!  Do you see others accomplishing amazing things and you sit there on your couch dreaming of doing something?  It doesn’t matter what it is, starting your own business, completing a marathon, loosing weight, cleaning and organizing your home or just learning something new?  What sets the “slayers” apart from the “dreamers” is taking those first steps!  Your friend didn’t wake up one day and decide to start her own business and POOF she was making money and living the dream!  It took time and research and planning and a LOT of hard work, but she did it and she took those first steps and jumped into her journey.  That guy at work that ran a marathon last week?  He didn’t just wake up one morning, throw on his running shoes and roll through the finish line after 26.2 miles.  He trained and he learned and he had bad days and good days but he got to that finish line because he didn’t give up and he didn’t sit on the couch dreaming!  You want this dream of yours?  You’re gonna have to take those first steps! 

   So you know your dream! You’re ready to take those first steps. Parachute is packed and you’re ready to jump!  I have taken a LOT of journeys! And here are some tips to help you along yours! I’ve started and run a couple of very successful businesses, I’ve completed a few half marathons and I’m on a journey now of losing 100 lbs! Take those first steps… will never know what you can accomplish….UNLESS YOU TRY!


     Write down your goal and then figure out the steps you’ll need to get there.  Starting your own business, you’ll need to know what kind of business you want to start.  Where will you have this business? Research other businesses like this.  Look into equipment you’ll need.  Will you need $$ to start this business and how much and where will you get it?  

    Looking to lose weight or complete a marathon? Look up different diets, research training guides online.  Look at your daily schedule and figure out where you’re going to block out the time it will take to train.  Look at your eating habits and what you are willing to change.  

    Want to clean up and organize your home? The internet can be your best friend!  There are so many great bloggers out there that specialize in just this!  Giving you daily lists for chores to help get your home in the shape you want it.  Want to redecorate?  Look up color schemes and room layouts.  Make a plan that you can stick with!  Make reasonable goals that fit your life!

   Once you have your plan….you gotta take a deep breath and jump!  Take that first step! Sign up for that class, buy those running shoes, clean out that closet and start your journey!


    Write down your goals in a planner!  In 2 weeks I want to have gone running at least 5 times….so 2 weeks from today on the calendar write yourself a note. Did you get out and do that?  Did you call about the loan for the business?  Did you ask your friend that is a successful rep for a DS company about how she got started and if that product line is a good fit for you, did you ask her about the start up fees and earnings?  Did you clean out that closet or cabinet?  If you met that first goal, give yourself a pat on the back! Write it down….I will take a bubble bath, I will get some ice cream, I will watch a movie or whatever it is that will give you motivation to take the next step…..each step you take will get your closer to those goals!

    Confide in a friend or family member about your goal and ask them to hold you accountable!  Saying it out loud and letting someone else know that you’re serious, sometimes, is the best motivation to keep us going.  

    Go big! and post your goal on social media! Let the world know that you’re serious and I guarantee you’ll have friends and family cheering you on every step of the way!  Most people love to see their friends succeed! 



    Forward is a pace!  How are you going to keep going when life gets in the way sometimes?  And it will!  Things will happen and you’ll have days or weeks that you think you’re not going to make it!

   Join groups on social media that relate to your goals!  Seeing those posts pop up can sometimes be just the motivation we need to keep going!  They’re also an excellent source of information and inspiration!!!!  I guarantee, whatever your Dream, there is a group on Facebook for it!

   Write down your WHY and post it somewhere you’ll see it on a regular basis to remind yourself to not give up!

   If you make a wrong turn on your journey, whatever that may be, don’t let it stop you!  Mistakes are how we learn! We all stumble, those that succeed, they’re the ones that get back up every time! 


    What do you do when you reach the finish line?  CELEBRATE! Pat yourself on the back cause you did it!!!!  You are no longer just a dreamer! You’ve joined the ranks of “Slayer”! I guarantee when you reach that finish line there will be more of them!  

Every journey begins with the first step……are you willing to start yours?

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