Plunder starter kit opening and review. What you get and how to become a stylist!

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Becoming a Plunder Stylist

Would this be the best company for you?

Starter kit review and company info

    Do you know what it takes to make it in Direct Sales?  More than anything, it takes LOVE for the company you join!  I have tried a few other adventures, but Avon is best for me, HOWEVER, that does NOT mean it’s right for YOU! So I have joined Plunder to show you what you get in your starter kit as well as information about this very NEW company and if it’s the right fit for you! It got off the ground in 2012, so at the time of this posting it is still a GROUND FLOOR opportunity!  If you have a love for vintage, shabby chic, super cute and fun jewelry and would love sharing it with people around you, then keep reading and see if Plunder is the right fit for you! 

To become a Stylist with Plunder you’ll need:

Talk to your local stylist or click here to get started with me!

$99 for the starter kit (join in March 2018 and get 12 extra pieces of jewelry)

$10.95 shipping

Plus local tax

Your SSN (for tax purposes)

Your bank info (so Plunder can direct deposit your earnings)

Your credit card to purchase your starter kit

A desire to share this beautiful jewelry with the world around you!

The website will walk you through the joining process and there is lots of training information to get you started. As well as wonderful groups of Stylists on Facebook that I can hook you up with!

What you’ll get:

$230 worth of products to get your business started right!

25 order forms

18 catalogs

25 Thank You cards

20 opportunity brochures

25 business cards

$158 in Plunder Jewelry

JOIN THIS MONTH, MARCH 2018 and get 12 extra pieces of Plunder jewelry to start your business right!!!!!

Click here to go to the Plunder Design website. Where you can shop or become a stylist today!

Come check out my Facebook page and get entered in our monthly Giveaway!

Want to see what comes in a kit?  Check out my box opening video!  It was so much fun to see the beautiful pieces Plunder picked for my kit!

Is Plunder Design what’s right for you?  It could be! If you’ve got a love of all things vintage and shabby chic inspired!  Plunder could be just the company to get your started on the road to a fun extra income or even your own full time income!!

As always!  Thanks for stopping by, would love to hear what you think of Plunder in the comments and have a beautiful day!

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