New Avon Independent Representative Information

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Getting Started With Avon

New Independent Representative Information

First I want to cover 3 types of Representatives

Discount Club Rep

The Discount Club Representative is a regular Avon shopper.  They love the products and they enjoy getting them a discount.  They occasionally share a book or their estore link with friends and family and collect a few orders, which helps cover the cost of shipping and gives them a little bigger discount on their own purchases.

Extra Income Rep

The individual that signs up to help supplement their household income.  They work their business just enough to help pay for things like vacations, home repairs, auto expenses, medical bills or any of those extras that sometimes our full time job pay doesn’t quite cover. 

This Rep uses Avon U to learn how to use Avon Social and promote their estore on social media, shares books and samples with friends and family, shares the Avon opportunity and collects orders on a regular basis.  

Giving them $100-400/month in extra income plus saving them on their own purchases and getting free products too!

Full Time Avon Independent Representative

This Rep eats, sleeps and breaths Avon! Their love of the company and the products has them using and sharing the products all day, every day.  They build teams of Reps to motivate and educate them.  They earn income from their downline as it grows as well as earnings from their personal sales. 

They are always helping to find new ways of reaching out to customers and team members.  They are instrumental in sharing new ideas and helping guide new team members.

The Full Time Avon Rep works their business around their life and is always looking for a new opportunity to share with others what they love!

So, which category do you fit into?

I started out as a Discount Club Rep and am working my way up to Full Time Rep Status, because I can’t say enough good things about the company and the wide range of products!  They offer so many incentives,  great training and support to all representatives.  If you use the information they have available, there is no reason why you can’t succeed in this business!

Do you want to learn more about being an Avon Rep?                                                     Then keep reading…here are some frequently asked questions that might help you decide if Avon is an opportunity you’d like to grab!

How much is it to get started with Avon?

$25, $50 or $100

There are 3 starter kits, each with their own benefits!

What do you get in your starter kit?

What are the requirements to stay active?

To stay an Avon Rep and utilize the discounts/earnings you must place an order at least every 6 campaigns.  I recommend not going past 4 campaigns (8 weeks) so that you don’t miss one and have to rejoin at a later date.

What is the discount/earnings potential?

For New Reps that want to earn a guaranteed 40% on ALL sales they need to reach minimum sales, which are outlined in the Kick Start Program Incentive.

However, ALL Reps can earn or get 20-40% EVERY order!

Are there incentives for New Reps?

YES!!!! The Kickstart Program for New Reps is the best way to jump start your business!  If you’re looking for either a good extra income or to become a Full Time Rep, utilizing the Avon U training and the Kickstart Program is a GREAT way to hit the ground running and make the most of your $25 investment! With the potential to earn over $1,000 in your first 14 weeks! 

What are some perks to being an Avon Independent Representative?

  • Discounts on your own purchases.
  • Unlimited earning potential that you work around your life.
  • New Products to try before they’re available to the public 
  • Special bundles, products and deeper discounts on different products every Campaign in the What’s New brochure, Only Available to Reps!
  • Ability to work and grow your business in almost any way you choose!
  • Being a part of a “family” of great Reps nationwide that support and care about the success of each other!
  • Great Health Insurance Available to all active representatives!

How do I get paid?

Unlike many Direct Sales Companies, You get paid when your customer pays you!

There are a few ways you get paid. 

For online sales, Avon will credit your account with your earnings.  Once you place an order they will deduct that amount from your total due. 

What you pay Avon when you place your order is your estimated cost of products, supplies, samples, shipping and sales tax.  So you get to keep your earnings up front!

Any credit in your account on “payday”, which is once a month, Avon will pay you through the way that you choose when you set up your account.  Either direct deposit to a Checking account or to their Prepaid Card.

Earnings from team members and bonuses are processed once a month and paid through your choice of Direct Deposit or put on a Prepaid Card.

How do I sell it?

Face to Face

Sharing books and samples with the people in your life and taking orders.

Learning to use Avon Social and promoting on your social media to collect orders.

Vendor events, sidewalk sales, yard sales….Having a few products on hand for immediate sales and handing out books to find new customers.


Utilizing all kinds of avenues for promoting your estore and building an online customer base.

Tailwind for building your Pinterest presence

Avon Social for building up your Facebook followings on pages and personal profile as well as motivating team members in groups

Starting a blog so you can share your love of all things Avon with the world!

So many ways you can promote and sell Avon that it literally will fit into your life somewhere! 

Where can I go to get started?

Right here! Come Join My Team and let’s see what Avon can do to change your life!


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