Light bulb moment

     Have you ever had that thought, that moment, when it all comes together?  When you realize the why? The how? You can finally see what you’ve been searching for? The answer to something that has been right there, on the edge of your thoughts but you couldn’t quite grasp it.

      Today was that that day for me, these last few months of my life have seen monumental personal reconstruction! It took a total mental and emotional breakdown for me to need to start fresh.  To go back to the beginning and deal with things that I have kept buried.  I have been on a journey to finding myself.  For my entire life I have been trying to please everyone else around me.  I have been anticipating the needs of my family and my friends and never thinking of myself.  This Blog, my YouTube and even my Etsy shop were all started because my friends and family believed in me.  It’s been over a year since my husband started this website for me.  It has been a couple of years since the kids got my YouTube going and over a year that I started my design business and Etsy shop. Other people have seen what I can do, so why couldn’t I see it?  Why couldn’t I make good use of these amazing opportunities at a better life for myself and my family?  Today, the light bulb came on! Today, while pressing shirts and packing Etsy orders.  While contacting customers that their Avon orders were in.  It came to me!  I was raised by my grandmothers.  In a time when working and earning a living still meant getting your hands dirty.  When making it meant physically working hard.  My Dad’s mom owned and operated a busy motel in South Florida.  She managed the operations, she worked the desk, she cleaned rooms and when she had to, she did repairs and maintenance.  She worked long hard hours, she loved the business and when she was old enough to retire she sold what she had built and she lived a comfortable life for many years before she passed away.  My mom’s parents, they owned and operated a hardware store, a business that started out small and grew to be a landmark in South Florida for several years.  So why haven’t I been able to grow my business?  I come from a long line of amazing people that turned their dreams into reality.  I’m watching people around me grow and live the life they’ve worked hard to build.  Because, funny thing, I couldn’t wrap my brain around being able to have the life I dream of by motivating others to chase their dreams!  I don’t have to make a million shirts or cut 2000 decals or press 100 bags to feed my family!  I do these things because I enjoy them and I provide a service to people wanting these things.  I don’t have to sell Avon to everyone I meet in order to keep my car on the road, but I enjoy the chance to meet new people and share the opportunity for others to earn some extra spending money or get their orders free!  I don’t have to write a post everyday and search for the perfect SEO words to drive more traffic to my page, but I do it because I realized today, I’m reaching people, like me, that just need a reminder sometimes, that their dream is out there!  Whatever it might be, you are capable, you are good enough and you can make those dreams come true!!!!  We are rich when we are able to inspire others to be the best that they can be, no amount of money will ever take the place of a smile you create! So start today, building those walls of ambition and the floors of strength! What are you working on today to build for yourself?




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