This year has given me so much to look forward to.  I’m no longer just a survivor, but I’m learning to thrive!  And to celebrate my newfound joy and appreciation for life I’m planning to take this first season of my new and improved self very seriously!  By seriously, I mean, I am planning to do something “very fall like” every weekend!  I am making my list, I’m checking the calendar and I’m looking forward to making memories, that for the first time in a very long time, I’m going to remember! With my family, with my friends and with myself!  So what kind of wild and crazy things can I do this year to really celebrate Fall?  

     This is my list and I’ll be posting about all my adventures as we go along! and I would LOVE to hear about your adventures this beautiful time of year when the season changes and we learn from the trees about letting things go in order to grow.

     -Visiting both of our local Corn Mazes (Is it just an Indiana thing?)

        Oak Hill Corn Maze                 Exploration Acres

     – Hot dog and marshmallow roast by the fire with friends and family

     – Pumpkin spice coffee with a friend

     – Covered Bridge Festival (you gotta see this to believe it)

     – Road trip just to see the changing of the leaves

     – Carve pumpkins with my kids

     – Jump in a pile of leaves (this one may be hard as we don’t have many trees at home)

     – Dress up with the family for Halloween

     – Scary Movie Marathon

     – Make candy corn mix


What’s on your Fall Bucket List?  Share in comments here or come see us on Facebook and share.


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