Life, A beautiful hand stitched piece of lace, the design being as beautiful as you want it to be.   

As I’m surfing Pinterest for design ideas this morning I came across some beautiful works of art created with old doilies and handmade vintage lace.  This brought back memories of the doilies my grandmother had under every knick knack in the house.  All the doilies and lace tablecloths I’d helped hand wash and hang to dry as a kid.   Memories of her and all she taught me growing up.  My life always looked so perfect from the outside, adventures and travel all over the world from the time I was a small child until even after I married.  But on the inside was a void, the pain and struggles that come with hiding years of both mental and physical abuse.   

After years of trying to keep the secrets buried, they have recently reared their ugly heads.  I am facing all my fears and memories.  As my therapy continues and I’m processing all I have endured, she’s teaching me to let go of the bad and hold on to the good.  

And just like the beautiful lace I’ve seen today, I realized, that our lives are all stitched together by strings of happy memories.  Each experience tying us together.  Our struggles are not all the same, but each one is surrounded by the strings of happiness.  Holding us together and making us strong.  Each one of us beautiful and unique.  You are more than your struggles.  You are more than the pain.  You are the woven the strings of happy memories you create!

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