Today I will move forward! 

    After the events of a week ago and wallowing in my feelings, I know that to enjoy my life again, I have to move forward.  I have to decide to live again.  I can’t let someone else’s problems become my own.  I can continue to love and to help them find the help they need but I have to remember to take care of myself or I’m no good to anyone.  As a full time caregiver to someone with mental illness, I often get so wrapped up in taking care of everyone else that I forget about myself.  We have to fill our own buckets or eventually we run out of something to give.


   Today I will focus on using my positive affirmations to move forward!  Today I will remember to count my blessings! Today is the first day of the rest of my life and I will remember to find the good in it!

  Today I choose to learn from this experience.  Today, when I make out my To Do list, I will include some time for myself.  I will include time for my family and not be so rushed that I don’t have time to listen.  I will remember that we are taking steps once again to finding a solution to the problem.

Today I will accept myself and know that I am good enough!  I will not feel ashamed of my story, but proud.  I will not feel guilty for what I haven’t done but proud of what I HAVE done!  I will look in the mirror and see a woman that is strong and determined.  I will put myself out there to live another day and hope to motivate and inspire someone else to find their smile during difficult times.

Today I am worthy of financial security. I will work on accepting that finding alternate sources of income and working hard to build this business so that I have the freedom to help my son, is worthy of the money that is coming in.  That what makes my life different is nothing to be ashamed of and that my family deserves to live a comfortable life.  Money doesn’t buy happiness but it does help alleviate stress in an already difficult situation.


What are your positive affirmations for today? And what will you do to take care of yourself?  

Fill your own bucket first or you won’t have water for anyone else! 



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