Why I joined Avon

And how it works around my life!

     I am not new to Direct Sales!  I was a leader in a now unheard of candle company that tried really hard to make it in the home party sales world.  I tried selling nail stuff, but there’s only so much nail stuff you can sell to a person.  I have joined a handful of companies over the years, more as a kitnapper but always hoping maybe this will be the one.  That wasn’t the case when I signed up with Avon.  Funny story….I haven’t seen an Avon rep near me in years so a time or 2 a year I would just get online and place an order through the main website.  Whatever Rep they passed me on to got the sale.  Two years ago I see an ad for a big Avon Sale online and I fill my cart with my annual goodies and proceed to the checkout.  A popup box comes up saying for $15 (it’s now $25 but you get lots more goodies) I can join Avon and save 40% on my order.  Well, I’m a numbers girl and I’m a bargain shopper! It didn’t take me long to figure out that my $130 order would only be $93 AND I would get the products that came in the kit.  No brainer!  I signed up!  They sent my kit and I decided to wait to place my personal order until the next campaign.  BTW, if you decide to join, Avon provides so much training just through the website!  Not to mention all the great groups of reps on Facebook that are more then happy to answer questions.  I used Avon U to teach me how to place orders through my new rep site, all about the earning potential and also lots of information on how to sell Avon.  Those first books, that came with my kit, I went ahead and hand wrote all the information on them and laid them out at my then, full time job, in the break rooms and in the women’s restroom.  Within a couple of days, I had over $200 in orders!  It was great! People were so excited to see Avon in our area and I was excited cause now part of their purchases would help pay for my order!!!  Within a few days I placed my first order and from there, it snowballed!  I spent time in the Facebook groups, I took training through Avon U, I kept putting books out and I started posting on my own Facebook about Avon.  In my first year as an Avon rep I was able to gain over 100 customers, more then half are repeat customers and I made President’s Club, selling just over $10,000 in Avon.  All while holding a full time job, raising 2 teenagers and did I mention my husband works evenings so I’m pretty much a single mom through the week?  Avon works WITH your life!  

Avon campaigns run every 2 weeks.  So you get yourself on a schedule of when to label books, when to place orders, when to sort the orders (cause 99% of the time you get your orders within 2 days of ordering, how cool is THAT?) and let’s not forget, you ALWAYS have a book with you and even better, wear or carry a bag pronouncing your Avon Rep Status!  There are lots of great options out there for purchasing bags and shirts, I carry some in my Etsy Shop and you can always search online to find more.  No matter how busy you are, there is ALWAYS time to make an extra income with Avon!  No parties, no minimums and a FREE website! 

Interested in learning more? check out more at the New Avon Rep Info page.

Want to join my team?  Sign up online here and I’ll gladly add you to my team group page on Facebook for incentives, motivation and ongoing support and training! I’m always available via email or messaging to answer any questions.  Phone call times are limited, however I’m happy to get you on the schedule if you’d prefer to talk!  Do you live in the Central Indiana area and want a face to face to answer questions and get you started? I can do that too! 



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